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Industries change. Markets evolve. Great companies innovate. Real estate should be no exception. Yet, the traditional brokerage / agent / commission construct has not evolved in decades – and we know, you’ve noticed.

After nearly two decades of monetizing industry inefficiencies, we're offering a few points to make a point: Our clients always come first.

Discover unrivaled marketing and unbeatable listing costs - Let's talk.

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Mike Wilen

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, Co-Founder, Executive Vice President

"There was no vision, there was no grand dream – but there has always been a consistent thread and it propels us forward today, as we continue to grow, and that’s service."

Experience & Accolades

Over 700+ properties sold, representing the seller as listing agent.

Sales and marketing of a 30+ unit conversion development in Minneapolis.

Sales, marketing, and re-configuration of 400+ acres in Southern Minnesota.

Sales and marketing of a 54+ unit development in Eden Prairie.

Sales and marketing of a 20+ unit development in Western Minnesota.

Sales and marketing of a 100-acre land re-configuration in Southern Minnesota.

Sales and marketing of a 130-unit condo conversion and development project in Minnetonka.

Successful negotiations for a large-scale development in Wright County, Minnesota.

Successful easement negotiations at a city level for utilities, coupled with two city council presentations on behalf of a national client.

Comprehensive configuration and planning resulting in a successful $10 million refinance in Zumbrota, Minnesota.

Presented in three large group speaking sessions on navigating foreclosure real estate.

Expertise across the entire capital structure, including conventional financing, FHA loans, USDA programs, corporate term loans, revolving credit facilities, rehabilitation financing, mezzanine financing, short-term bridge loans, credit lines, and balloon payment-CDs.

Presidents Club

Super Real Estate Agent 6 Consecutive Years.

Coldwell Banker Global Luxury

Minnesota Homeownership Center Seminars: "How to Purchase a Property Series."

Innovated a method for calculating loss severity percentages, integrating factual and future data, meticulous eviction procedure assessments, delinquency rates, crime statistics, property valuations, conditions, and Broker Price Opinion (BPO) evaluations, enabling in-depth, fact-based real estate value analysis in alignment with regulatory standards.

Assisted / assisting 35+ of the nation's largest and most sophisticated lenders in the sale and valuation of real estate, with over 300+ sales as listing agent, 1,000+ properties managed through eviction, and over 10,000+ portfolio valuations.

Developed three major lender owned outlets with backend inventory management:




Developed leading property search APIs with integration into leading real estate websites.

Brokered over 1,000+ real estate-related domain names to successful acquisition, along with the launch of a real estate domain name marketplace.

Developed over 13 React/NextJS real estate websites, including several for high-production U.S. agents.


Fox News - Super Bowl Rental.

Minneapolis Saint Paul Business Journal - $2.6 Million Lake Minnetonka.

Star Tribune - expertise in a Seller's Market.

New York Times - Luxury Property Marketing.

Bench and Bar Minneapolis - Commercial Space.

USA Today - Mississippi River Bluff New Construction.

Wall Street Journal - Luxury Property Marketing.

Twin Cities Business - “Super-Agent".

St. Cloud Times - Victorian property.

Star Tribune - Queen Anne Residence.

Netflix housing special - Northwest Minnesota.


Mike Wilen is recognized as a leader and an innovator in Minnesota’s very competitive and demanding residential real estate market: "Find out information first, and then communicate it. Stay on top of the market and be service-oriented. Get there first and take care of your client's needs to achieve their goals.”

Had Wilen chosen a profession other than real estate in which to make his name, it surely would have been in the world of tech. His journey began as a receptionist, quickly advancing to a licensed sales agent. Shortly after, he became the #2 agent in listings sold and one of the top-selling individual agents in Minnesota. Early on, Mike worked under two of the industry's most successful real estate agents, where he had the privilege of collaborating with some of the most prominent real estate owners and developers in the nation. Mike's work ethic is tireless.

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The Next Wave in Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Listing a property on the MLS is no longer adequate for effective property marketing.

NONMLS is arguably the most opportunistic acronym in today's real estate discussions, and it's only fitting that this translates into an online platform that provides opportunity and value in today's market.

Introducing NONMLS.com—an innovative single-entry, no-code content hub that utilizes a meticulously calculated, multi-channel sequence to systematically distribute property listings to a continually expanding consumer database, ensuring exposure to the most qualified audience.

The platform ensures that your listing is strategically positioned in the market, featuring a compelling presentation that highlights property nuances and distinctive value, maximizing exposure and ultimately enhancing the potential for securing greater returns on the sale of your real estate.

As an innovative beacon in a saturated market, NONMLS.com maintains exclusivity while reaching a broad, relevant, and qualified audience.

Its extensive network of local and global websites maximizes listing exposure through global listing syndication, strategically designed to precisely target critical audiences who matter most.

72 hours from listing, your property will be syndicated to over 1 million potential consumers.

The high-performance computing backend allows for seamless integration with local MLS data, market information, virtual tours, mobile-friendly listings, detailed property descriptions, watermarks, and real-time analytics, providing an all-inclusive marketing approach.

NONMLS.com integrates with cutting-edge martech methods, leveraging individual browsing patterns to effectively engage the most qualified prospects for a property across a diverse range of marketing platforms. These platforms include search engines, custom websites, email campaigns, content marketing, mobile applications, customer support, banner ads, and online classified ads.

Empowering property sellers with enhanced decision-making capabilities, NONMLS.com delivers personalized bi-weekly or weekly data reports that reveal comprehensive market landscapes, providing valuable insights into the marketing strategies for your listing.

As the demand for a more inclusive and efficient real estate marketing solution continues to grow, NONMLS.com is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future. Join us in maximizing the visibility and impact of your property listing.


Most consumers do not initiate their real estate search on a specific website, such as Realtor.com. Instead, they typically begin their search on popular search engines like Google or Microsoft Search.

A strategic real estate marketing approach involves distributing real estate listings across diverse touchpoints, connecting with potential buyers at different stages of their buying journey. This leverages the power of familiarity to enhance a property’s market presence.

The buyer's journey begins with a click and view of a property.

Despite a buyer's interest in a particular property listing, statistics indicate that 90% of website visitors do not complete contact forms.

Once a buyer leaves a detailed property webpage, remarketing begins.

Remarketing acts as a subtle reminder to potential buyers about a property they have previously viewed. They are then retargeted with compelling property ads across various online platforms, creating touchpoints. Wilen formulates the most effective strategy to enhance a property's visibility, creating touchpoints that resonate.

These remarketing touchpoints reinforce a property's appeal while keeping the property front of mind. Through a connected network method across a diverse spectrum of online advertising sites, the property will effectively reach and engage an individual or vast audience who has previously viewed it.

Using cookies and other tracking methods, Wilen’s local and global team coupled with AI, meticulously monitor touchpoint clicks and conversions to decipher the most effective remarketing strategy. A deep dive into analytics ensures optimal buyer impact, assuring a real estate listing is reintroduced to interested consumers and strategically positioned.

Digital marketing experts implement tags to track the progress and success of remarketing campaigns, ensuring comprehensive data collection. Regular performance audits by digital marketing professionals identify areas for improvement, ensuring the strategy remains effective.

Automatically generated weekly performance reports ensure a clear understanding of the value derived from Wilen's work on your behalf.

These reports can be delivered either bi-weekly or weekly, providing sellers with more informed decision-making based on the amount of property views and inquiries they receive.

In addition, Wilen has built an extensive network of local and global websites to enhance listing exposure and broaden market reach:






























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High energy, intense focus, and scrupulous business practices bring renewed efficiency, transparency, and unprecedented results to property sellers on a consistent basis:

"I've worked with all the top firms and Wilen is the only one that truly puts the client first. White Glove service from beginning to end. And the best results in the business." -Nick W.

"After working with Wilen for nearly a decade, it's clear their model provides more value than traditional approaches." -Holly G.

"I told them you are going to have a lot of unhappy competitors, but I love this! I love disruptors." -Michele W.

"I had an outstanding experience selling my home with [Real Estate Group Name]. Their market expertise and strategic approach not only streamlined the process but also maximized the value of my property. From start to finish, their professionalism and commitment made selling my home a stress-free and rewarding experience. Highly recommend!" -Susan L.

"I had the pleasure of working with [Realtor's Name] on my recent investment property purchase. Their knowledge of the local market trends and investment opportunities was impressive. They were proactive, responsive, and went above and beyond to ensure a seamless transaction. Looking forward to future collaborations!" -Greg L.

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